May 28, 2023

“Is this game there and here?”

BBB 23

After his elimination from BBB 23, Fred Nicácio gave an interview and ended the game to fourth member Fundo do Mar

© Play / TV GloboFred Nicasio blew up the game of Ricardo Alves

Fred Nicasio He beat the feat of being eliminated three times in the same edition of the BBB. Out of the 23rd edition of reality, the hygienist has access to the recordings and is now more in the game with his confinement mates.

In an interview with BBB – eliminationFred blew up the strategy of Ricardo Alves, his former ally on the program. In the data, submitted submitted Queer Eye Brazil Biomedicine prides itself on playing alone, he said, but is playing a double game with the two rival groups.

Lettuce plays a double game, said Fred Nicasio (recreation/Instagram/@frednicacio)

In the conversation, Farid cited the alleged elimination speech of lettuce which Tadeu can use when disposing of popcorn. “You, who fought all day, who screamed all the time, who burned all the papies you didn’t have anymore“, It started.

You are the one who changed that came out of the neck vein. For you, who you play this game here and there, that’s a contradiction. Yes, today it was eliminated at that time, although you are not in breakwaterAnd you, lettucehe declared.At that moment when I let my guard down at Domi’s request for him to come closer to me, he made this punch. I think it’s good, it’s a gameplay, but it’s a double game, not a single game“It’s over with the judiciary.

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