February 5, 2023
Isadora leaves Davy in shock with memory of previous TV news

Isadora leaves Davy in shock with memory of previous TV news

Isadora Larissa Manuela will wear her sister’s bracelet, Elisa Larissa Manuela is during the engagement party and is leaving David / Raphael (Rafael Vetti) without a floor behind the illusion. The mage will not be able to hide his astonishment and will breathe it out Augusta (Olivia Araujo) on Globo at Six o’clock.

In this Thursday (3) chapter, Violet Tapagos Malu Jali will give her older sister’s accessory as a gift to her younger sister. “Elisa bracelet!” Doreenha will react happily. The owner of the Tecelagem Tropical explains, “The police brought it back to me after the trial, and they kept it all these years. Your sister will be happy to know that she is now yours,” leaving the young woman excited.

A little later, the scammer will greet a daughter Matthias (Antonio Calloni) during the clash with Joachim (Danilo Mesquita) is paralyzed when he notices the accessory on the young woman’s wrist. Smart, the boy will quickly hide the trauma in memory so as not to jeopardize his disguise.

Later, Duffy will talk to a Tapajós employee about the situation. “It’s Elisa’s bracelet, Augusta. I recognized it the moment I laid eyes on it. I almost fell. It’s a beautiful piece, but the goddamn father used it to condemn me,” he would grieve.

The fake Raphael will still complain about the beloved’s betrothal to a son Ursula (Bárbara Paz) And I’d be happy to discover that Dorinha doesn’t like a villain.

The second stage of the Alessandra Poggi competition was held in the 1940s in Campos dos Goytacazes, Rio de Janeiro. Also check out our six summaries from Globo that the news Posted daily.

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