July 22, 2024

Issue 649: Putin advances into eastern Ukraine | Topic

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Topic # 596: Will there be an invasion of Ukraine - Russia?  |  Subject
Topic # 596: Will there be an invasion of Ukraine - Russia?  |  Subject

Two moves by the Kremlin, on Monday, took a crisis with global repercussions to a new level. First, the recognition of the independence of two separate regions on the Ukrainian territory: Donetsk and Luhansk. Hours later, it was announced that they would receive Russian troops on a “pacification” mission. In doing so, Vladimir Putin “moved the entire board” of a game that has been unfolding for months on the basis of an exchange of threats between Moscow and Washington, amid attempts to mediate by European leaders. This is explained by Goga Chakra in a conversation with Renata Le Pretty, TV Globo commentator in New York. Analyzing Putin’s speech, the journalist notes that it is no longer a question of demanding that Ukraine remain outside NATO, but a much larger question: questioning the existence of the state as such, and implicitly calling for the general restoration of the map that existed. …before the dissolution of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s, and analyzes henceforth, the dialogue between Putin and Joe Biden had become increasingly “complicated and improbable.” For Goga, the next steps of the government of Volodymyr Zelensky will be decisive in the course of the conflict. If Ukraine resists, “we can move toward open war.”

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Podcasts by: Mônica Mariotti, Isabel Seta, Arthur Stabile, Gabriel de Campos, Luiz Felipe Silva, Thiago Kaczuroski, Gustavo Honório and Eto Osclighter. Presentation: Renata Le Pretty.

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