March 29, 2023

“It happened now”; Corinthians fans are “going crazy” with a misstep made by Joao Victor in his Nantes debut


The defender was sold by Timão to Benfica, but has just been loaned out and started his career in France

Photo: Felipe Szbak/Corinthians Joao Victor plays for Nantes in France.

All Brazilian football teams know that it is important to start well at the state level in order to gain confidence while focusing on the competitions that are more important in the future. If defeats start to appear from the start, pressure begins to build behind the scenes and changes often occur.

On the other hand, when the results are positive, even the fans become excited, dreaming of titles and making sure to see higher flights in the season. In this way, Paulistão, for example, clearly has its importance throughout the year, so fighting for victories is essential at this moment.

In case CorinthiansHowever, the victory in Majestoso further demoralized Fernando Lázaro, who had left Villa with doubts about his ability to stay on as coach any longer. The 2-1 against São Paulo proved that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, but some corrections need to be made as matches progress.

Outside Brazil, another case caught Timão’s attention, precisely because it involved a player who was starring at Parque São Jorge before the change of scenery: João Victor, who has put together impressive performances in Brazil, was sold to Benfica, from Portugal, but has now ended up loaned out to Nantes, from France, specifically to get shooting.

However, on his debut against Olympique de Marseille, the midfielder made a mistake and ended up being a subject at Fiel: Boater mistook a cart and ended up touching the ball under the goalkeeper’s legs and scoring an own goal on his debut. The bid went viral on social networks and many negative comments were posted.