It is a mess in the Maroons!

Michel Tassé
The Voice of the East

C’est le bordel chez les Maroons!

The dismissal of Olivier Laliberté doesn’t work in the cloakroom of the Maroons.

In protest, the defender Jason Larochelle has decided to make his jersey to the team. The Maroons, for him, it is finished.

“Me, I am able to take ben in the business of life. But the lack of respect, it goes not! And there has been a lack of respect appalling in the folder of the Olive tree”, has launched Larochelle in an interview with The Voice of the East.

Laliberté, as we know, was thanked by president David Godbout Monday morning. Godbout said the colleague Jonathan Gagnon that he had detected a flaw at the level of the defensive and that “unfortunately, someone had to pay the note”. And that someone turned out to be Laliberté, who defended the net of the Maroons for six years before bassist Miguel Fortin behind the bench since last season.

“Our problem, our real problem is that there is a lack of players and injuries, but also absenteeism), and that one is not hard enough, has returned to Larochelle. We play in a league where the bullying takes a lot of place and there was not much to be respected. And that, it is not the fault of Olivier Laliberté!”

In the same vein, Larochelle has put in doubt the skills of David Godbout in the field of hockey. But he insisted particularly on what he considers to be a lack of respect to Laliberté.

“I am not happy and several guys, mainly the guys of the region, are not happy either. I don’t know how many there will be players who will be present at the arena on Saturday (so that the Athletes in Joliette will be the visitors). I don’t encourage anyone to do like me, but I know that the past decisions are not the business of big-world. The guys are nice cry…!”

A rumor was circulating Tuesday that Jonathan Bouchard was thinking to do the same thing as Larochelle and to make his sweater. Both are local, so players that help to put the world in the arena. Players, in short, that an organization doesn’t like to lose.

The dismissal of Laliberté has also been a lot talk on the social networks. The hashtag #jesuisolivier has even made its appearance. The man was very popular in the entourage of the Maroons.

C’est le bordel chez les Maroons!

Before you get behind the bench, Olivier Laliberté had defended the net of the Maroons for six years.


In a brief conversation with the author of these lines, He indicated that he had been extremely surprised by the decision taken by David Godbout. “It’s flat and I don’t think I deserved it. But I sincerely wish good luck to my friend Miguel for the suite,” he said.

Fortin waiting

On Monday, Miguel Fortin has not wanted to comment on the decision of the president to dismiss Olivier Laliberté. Still shaken, the coach and general manager has, however, agreed to talk about it 24 hours later.

“It hurts me, it’s clear,” he said. Olivier, it’s me who went to get it to assist me and it is also a personal friend. And in my opinion, he was doing a good job. But the team is not going well, the owners are worried and they don’t want to let go of things.”

Fortin is currently pending. He says that he does not fear for his position, but he knows that Godbout and Christian Roy, the one who pays the bills, discuss currently.

“The things going on in the top of me at a time when we are talking. David and Christian are looking for solutions. We can’t get players, but maybe we can improve otherwise.”

Fortin did not want to say more. Is it that the Maroons are looking for an advisor, someone who could support the current management in decision-making at level hockey? Or is what he is looking for another deputy to assist Fortin behind the bench? Everything is possible in the mess that has become the situation of the Maroons.

Some would argue that the team is not going anywhere since the former owner, Daniel Roy was fired Michel Deschamps at the end of the season 2016-2017. And it is true. Deschamps, who plays in the League, Richelieu currently has a network of contacts, exceptional in the world of senior hockey, could prove to be a good advisor to Godbout, Fortin et Cie.

Also, is that David Lapierre, another personal friend of Fortin, could come and give a helping hand to the coaching staff? The former coach of Inouk, currently working for the hockey program from the école secondaire De Mortagne, Boucherville, after having worked for two years as an assistant coach with the Huskies of Rouyn-Noranda.


There’s a lot of urgency for the Maroons currently. The team does not win for two years, and the audience, without that it is still dramatic, are down at the arena Jacques-Chagnon. The defeat at home to face to Donnacona, the worst team of the senior League AAA du Québec, has literally sowed panic within the organization.

And this is not all. The Maroons want a long-term agreement with the City of Waterloo, they want to improve their conditions, and the negotiations are difficult. The owners do not want to move, but they look nevertheless all the possibilities in anticipation of the next season. They would have even made a phone call to the municipal authorities of Farnham recently.

The good news is all too rare in the camp of the Maroons.

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