September 30, 2023
"It is one of my goals";  Exposes Marcos Rocha's goal for the season at Palmeiras

“It is one of my goals”; Exposes Marcos Rocha’s goal for the season at Palmeiras

Palm trees

Conquering a historic mark in the Alverde shirt, the player is looking for more for this season

The team has been happy to wear the Palmeiras jersey since 2018
© Photo: Marcello Zambrana/AGIFThe team has been happy to wear the Palmeiras jersey since 2018

Last Sunday (20) right-back Marcus Rocha pass mark Roberto Carlos It became the tenth aspect in history Palm trees With more matches. Even in the face of these expressive numbers, the 33-year-old is looking for more. The player has a goal for the season and aims to have a long career. But your contract with Alverady It continues until the end of this season.

“It’s fun. It’s important to have an identity and I’ve done that. I’m going to try to play as many games as I can. I wanted to get to 100 (matches) and now it’s not long before 200, and it’s one of my .250 goal of the year, I’m going to leave that mark.” “Today, I have 186 games left and I know I can achieve more. I continue to pursue these individual goals even when I stop saying I did my best and that it was worth it.”

at Sao Paulo team Since 2018, the side has talked about its course as it highlights the weight of wearing a T-shirt Palm trees: “I am very happy to wear this shirt and all I have accomplished with it. I am still Marcos Rocha who started there, with a very strong family base. Wearing this shirt is very special to me. I definitely have a lot to do for the harvest this year”And the pointed out.

Marcus Rocha He is a three-time champion Editors It is heading to its tenth consecutive edition of the competition. “It is a sign that my work has done well, with a lot of respect for my teammates. I am very happy to be playing the tenth Libertadores in a row. I will play away, the referees call me by name, the players know me. I am shy, it is very important.”