December 2, 2022
It is possible to find out how many ants there are in the world;  see quantity

It is possible to find out how many ants there are in the world; see quantity

Tells All the ants in the world It seems an impossible task, but not for the team of researchers at the University of Hong Kong who have achieved the most accurate estimates to date.

Publishing experts a study Through the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) platform, they explained that there is a About 20 quadrillion ants On the planet and according to the information provided by the group, this number could be much higher.

How did they calculate this number?

It was evaluated by a team of researchers in Hong Kong 489 global samples Seeking to expand their knowledge of insects, they came to the conclusion that if all the little ants on the planet were heavy, they would have weighed more than all existing birds and mammals combined.

Thus, all the ants together weigh 12 million tons, which is 20% of the mass of all humans in the world. planet.

To perform this calculation, data from all continents were used. These numbers, published by the US National Academy of Sciences, highlight the importance of these insects in nature.

effect on nature

The scientists who conducted the study also explained the significant effect that ants have on Globalism According to the PNAS website, these insects Soil aeration Making tunnels through which they pull seeds that can eventually lead to trees and plants.

In addition, it is one of the main sources of food for arthropods, birds and mammals, and is responsible for deforestation of dead wood.

Although these tiny creatures have proven to be an essential part of the ecosystem, they have not been sufficiently studied, so the results of this study are very important for understanding the role of ants on our planet.