It management: Quebec will outsource the storage of its data to the private

Gestion informatique: Québec confiera le stockage de ses données au privé

Currently insured by 457 centres across the province of Québec, data processing, government it will soon be entrusted essentially to the private sector.

Within three years, at least 80 % of the digital information stored in all the government apparatus will be transferred to servers maintained by subcontractors in the private sector, such as IBM or Amazon.

The rest, less than 20 % of the total information will soon be stored in two data processing centers.

Thus, in the long term, access to government data will be provided through the cloud (commonly referred to as the “cloud”).

The announcement was made at a press conference, Monday, by the president of the treasury Board, Christian Dubé, and the minister responsible for the digital Transformation, Éric Caire, who justify their actions by a search for efficiency and increased safety.

The cost of processing is estimated at $ 150 million, but the government is convinced that the announced change will make significant savings in the longer term.

During the election campaign, the financial framework of the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ) provided cost savings of more than $ 200 million in the management of computer data.

“We was talking about general savings in management of the information resources of 210 million $. The program that we announced today should enable us to fetch a hundred [million $]”, was calculated by the minister in Cairo.

The quebec government spends annually about $ 4.5 billion for its it resources.

“We are saying that, over four years, we will save 210 million on $ 4.5 billion”, the minister said Christian Dubé, adding that more announcements would follow in this area on the occasion of the presentation of the budget of the minister of Finance, expected at the end of the month of march.

Companies that have the mandate to store government data in the cloud will have to meet the standards as “very strict” in terms of safety, assured the minister Cairo, who said that he was convinced that the direction given by the government in its management of it corresponded to the “global trend”.

According to him, at present, some of the data-processing centres of the government “are not the standards of what we can expect in a treatment centre”.

The realignment announced will, therefore, be carried out for reasons of data security, but also to focus on a different management of human resources, said the minister, Cairo.

“Currently, there are positions in information resources, the government of Quebec, who are not endowed with, for which you don’t find the person. And, alongside this, you realize that this multiplicity of centers of information processing is that it uses too many resources that could be put elsewhere. Therefore, it is a question of efficiency of use of our resources.”

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