February 27, 2024
'It really is a curse' · TV News

‘It really is a curse’ · TV News

Judas (Tiago Rodriguez) will expel Tamar (Juliana Xavier) from his life in origin. Later From the death of her eldest sonThe Shepherd will take care of his wife, Muriel (Raisa Batista), who… She will freak out and even pull her daughter-in-law’s hair. So he gets the girl out of his house and asks, “What if she’s really cursed?”

In the Bible Record Novel chapter Scheduled to air next Thursday (4)The son of Israel (Petronio Gontigo) will talk to him Hira (Sandro Pedroso), who will ask if the girl would be better off staying at the family home a little longer.

“I’ve seen Muriel’s condition. If I stay here, things will get worse. Even because I don’t intend to bring Tamar back,” Judah says. “what are you talking about?” , will ask a Hebrew friend. . “And if it is true that she is really cursed?” The shepherd will be finished.

Hira will refute his colleague’s thesis. “Jude, you are going through a very difficult time. It is normal to think about all sorts of things, but you know that Tamar is not the reason for losing your children. You know that marriage was not easy for her. Both were. Very difficult, but she never complained. She stayed here, Faithful to her family, always obedient, and always like a daughter, ”the confidant will argue.

brother Joseph (Giuliano Lahham), however, will stamp his foot and show fear of “Black Widow” It caused the death of his last son, Silla (Gilherme Sita, in adulthood). “Anyway, Tamar will go back to her father’s house. I don’t want Sylla to die like the other two did,” says the priest.


After that, Judah will send Tamar away, but the girl will still try to reconcile with her father-in-law. “Thank you for taking care of me when I was here. I tried to say goodbye to Mrs. Muriel, but she didn’t want to see me,” the young woman vented as she sobbed.

Judas will avert the eyes of her daughter-in-law, who will still cry: “I am lost too, I am also suffering … Can’t I really survive? Please.” However, the patriarch would be irreducible. “It’s better this way,” concludes the priest.

Genesis is a free modification of the first book of the Bible. The series is divided into seven stagesAnd currently the record of the seventh exhibition: Jose the news Spread Synopsis of the biblical novel.

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