May 28, 2023

“It will happen, it’s official”; STJD announces the punishment of Eduardo Borman and Santos has just been warned


Defender away and preemptively by Peixe

Photo: (Raul Barreta/Santos FC) – Eduardo Bauermann, of Santos, is under investigation by MP-GO

Last Sunday (14), Santos beat Vasco 1-0 away from home in the sixth round of the Brazilian League, and as a result was in seventh place with 10 points. However, another theme was also raised at Villa Belmero. This is because Eduardo Bauermann is under investigation by the MP-GO in Operation Maximum Punishment, which investigates players’ involvement with gamblers. This Monday (15), the Special Court for Justice and Democracy (STJD) announced the sanction of the defender and Pixie has just been warned.

According to GE, the STJD Public Prosecutor’s Office has filed a request for preventive suspensions for eight players: Moraes, Gabriel Teuta, Paulo Miranda, Igor Carres, Matheus, Fernando Neto, Kevin Lomonaco, as well as Bormann. The application will be judged by the presiding judge, Otavio Noronha, and if approved, they will all be out for 30 days. It is worth remembering that Santos made a decision last week.

The Peixe defender was denounced by the STJD Public Prosecutor’s Office due to Articles 243 and 243A of the Brazilian Code of Sports Justice, which deal, respectively, with “intentionally acting in a way that is detrimental to the team he is defending” and “acting in accordance with the ethics of sport, with the aim of influencing on the outcome of the match, competition or its equivalent. According to the press release, Bauermann was agreeing to receive cards for the 2022 Serie A matches.

Photo: (Raul Barreta/Santos FC) – Bauermann has already been sidelined by Peixe

Prior to the application made on Monday (15), there was no impediment for athletes to be reported using it by their teams. With the manipulation scandal and the citation of Eduardo Bauermann in the MP-GO investigation documents, the Santos board of directors decided to preventively disqualify the player until he is judged. If convicted, the Peixe defender could be fined up to R$100,000 and suspended for up to 720 days.