May 31, 2023

“It wouldn’t be any different”; After asking to eliminate Bruna Griphao, Gabriel Santana opens the game and answers if he still intends to invest in his sister.


The actor drew audiences for his famous outing during The Wall with Sarah Allen

© Photo 1 – Playback: Instagram / Gabriel Santana | Photo 2 – Playback / TV GloboAfter asking to disqualify Bruna, Gabriel Santana answered if he still intended to invest in his sister

the actor Gabriel Santana He opened the game and commented on his expectations of meeting the participants in Big Brother Brazil after the end of reality. In an interview with Column Patricia Cujot Famous also commented on how his relationship with Bruna Grippo.

After announcing himself several times to the celebrity while he was still locked up, the actor surprised fans by asking them to leave in the disputed Paredão with Sarah Allen. With this, Gabriel revealed if he still intends to invest in the blonde: “With the people I belong to, I let things flow naturally. I feel what is going to happen little by little. With Bruna, it will be no different. What must happen will happen“, He began.

Play: Instagram/Gabriel Santana

The ex-brother also mentioned that he would talk to his partner and that he couldn’t say how he was feeling at the moment:When you leave, if it makes sense for both of us, we’ll talk. I can’t say anything about what I want or don’t want, how it will be or not be.”shaded.

Finally, Gabriel also responded to the flirtation he was exchanging with the singer Thiago Pantagliao Where is your relationship?We haven’t had a chance to get to know each other yet. I don’t know how it goes, today I look at it as a big joke. I don’t take it seriously. Only time can tell. I do not create expectations. Then we talked a little, but no more.