June 4, 2023

Itamaraty confirms Lula’s participation in the upcoming G7 summit in Japan

Brazil will be able to include topics of economic and trade interest in the “rich group” meetings.

President Lula

247 – On Friday (5), Itamaraty confirmed President Lula’s participation in the upcoming G7 Summit, in Hiroshima, Japan, from May 19-21.

The G7 groups Germany, Canada, the United States, France, Italy, Japan and the United Kingdom. Lula was invited by the Prime Minister of Japan, Fumio Kishida, to participate in the meeting. Australia, Comoros, Cook Islands, India, Indonesia, Republic of Korea and Vietnam were also invited to the meeting.

Brazil shares the values ​​that unite the G7 countries – such as the promotion of democracy, economic modernization, environmental protection and human rights – and maintains permanent coordination with its members on issues on the international agenda, both at the bilateral level, and within the scope of the G20 and the international organizations in which they interact. Brazil and G7 members,” the ministry said in a press release.

in an agreement With journalist Jamil Shadi, Brazilian diplomats pointed out that G7 statements are usually published without the consent of the participating countries, which may cause embarrassment to Brazil.

Follow up on recommendations

For political scientist and ESPM professor Denilde Holzhacker, Brazil can influence group discussions.

“The big advantage is sitting at the negotiating table with the main leaders of Western countries. This allows a country the size of Brazil to be able to have a conversation and influence decision-making,” Holzhacker told Sputnik Brasil.

For her, another advantage is Brazil’s ability to include topics of economic and trade interest in the meetings of the “rich group”.

“The main disadvantage is that there is pressure regarding some of the guidelines that the Brazilian government probably does not want to suffer from, such as the environmental issue, [….] Confronting the conflict in Ukraine and the rapprochement between Brazil and China,” Holzhacker declared.

For the specialist, participating in international discussions means political costs and pressure on Brazil to change some attitudes that Western countries do not like.

“Brazil must face these costs and pressures […]although it defends the independence of its foreign policy,” Holzacker considers, “the invitation is an acknowledgment of Brazil’s status, but it involves the logic of pressing on some of the issues that Brazil defends.”

If he participates in the summit, President Lula’s main challenge will be to maintain his position of neutrality in the face of the Ukrainian conflict.

In the latest joint statement, the G7 pledged to encourage “strong anti-Russian sanctions and support Ukraine.” For Brazil, the signing of a similar document could undermine the position of neutrality in the face of the Ukrainian conflict. (with Sputnik Brazil).