September 28, 2023
Itapimirim requests the suspension of 16 interstate bus lines |  Travel and Tourism

Itapimirim requests the suspension of 16 interstate bus lines | Travel and Tourism

National Agency for Land Transport (you) on Viação Itapemirim’s order to suspend 16 interstate bus lines operated by the company.

In all, 73 cities will be affected by the measure, which comes into force on the 27th, according to a decree published in the Official Gazette on Thursday (30).

The lines that the carrier will no longer serve are:

  • Areia (PB) – Recife (PE), prefix nº 13-0023-00;
  • Belo Horizonte (MG) – Recife (PE), prefix nº 06-0334-00;
  • Brasilia (DF) – Maceió (AL), prefix nº 12-0166-00;
  • Cachoeiro de Itapemirim (ES) – Campos dos Goytacazes (RJ), prefix nº 17-0105-00;
  • Caldas Novas (GO) – Maceió (AL), prefix nº 12-0167-00
  • Feira de Santana (BA) – Fortaleza (CE), prefix nº 05-0143-00;
  • Recife (PE) – Barra do Garças (MT), prefix nº 04-0030-00;
  • Recife (PE) – Curitiba (PR), prefix nº 04-0036-00;
  • Recife (PE) – Foz do Iguaçu (PR), prefix nº 04-0037-00;
  • Recife (PE) – Rio de Janeiro (RJ), prefix number 04-0033-00;
  • Recife (PE) – São Paulo (SP), prefix nº 04-0034-00;
  • Rio de Janeiro (RJ) – Teresina (PI), prefix nº 07-0109-00;
  • Salvador (BA) – Sobral (CE), prefix number 05-0145-00;
  • São Paulo (SP) – Joao Pessoa (PB), prefix nº 08-0087-00;
  • São Paulo (SP) – Santa Cruz do Capibaribe (PE), prefix nº 08-0094-00;
  • Teresina (PI) – Belem (PA), prefix nº 18-0005-00.

The Itapemirim Group also owns the airline ITA (Itapemirim Transportes Aéreos), which, on 17, All your flights suspendedThousands of passengers were left without transportation.

The company had 513 scheduled flights between last Friday and the next (31), according to a survey on the website of the National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC). Flights will depart from the airports of Guarulhos (SP), Galeão (RJ), Brasilia (DF), Recife (PE), Salvador (BA), among others.

Last Tuesday (28), Procon-SP signed an agreement with the company for Refund within 10 days of affected consumers.

Itapimirim passengers protest against the suspension of flights at Sao Paulo International Airport, in Guarulhos – Photo: Reproduction / Social Networks