March 30, 2023

Itaú has launched a line of credit for financing home appliances up to 60 installments

the Itaú Unibanco Close a partnership with Electrolux and establish a line of credit for the purchase of durable goods. With that, the consumer will be able to Segmented home appliances In up to 60 installments directly on the brand’s website, with up to 90 days to start paying.

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At this first moment, the Itaú Parcela Fácil will only be available for purchases made on the Electrolux website, but the news should include new partners soon. Only Itaú customers who have a limit lend Pre-approved employees will be able to contract with this new type of credit.

Interest rates are determined according to the consumer profile, and range from 1.12% to 2.99% per month. Contracting is simple and fast, just select the “Itaú Parcela Fácil” payment option when purchasing.

Before completing the transaction, the customer can simulate the terms of the loan by reporting how many installments are required (from 2 to 60) and when he wants to pay the first installment (up to 90 days). After processing this data, the site displays the amount and value of premiums, fees and other information.

The transaction must be authenticated with a password Card The itoken is in the app. The amount of the debt is included in the statement of Itaú and is deducted monthly on the chosen maturity date.