March 25, 2023

Itaú PIX displays instability and users complain on social networks

The bank admitted the failure and reported that the system had already been fully normalized

Content of ITACI BATISTA / EstadaoFacade of the Itau Bank branch on Avenida Paulista

application for Itau Show instability in payments and transfers before pix During this Saturday 25. The problem caused users to file a complaint on social networks. Most customers said the bank’s application showed that the money had left the account, however, it did not provide proof of the operation. Others also reported that they were unable to log into the system. “Congratulations to Itao. FI created a pixel and the balance disappeared from the account and yet it has not reached the destination. Give me back my money. Even worse, I see many people complaining, bad service,” said a profile on Twitter. “Itau again Giving freshness. I made a pixel for another account of mine. Another netizen wrote that the pixel left Itaú, but it did not reach the other account. A third commented: “It’s disrespectful.” Earlier this evening, Itau reported Young site that “the PIX system has already been fully normalized. The Bank apologizes to its customers for any inconvenience.”