September 28, 2023
"It's late" · TV news

“It’s late” · TV news

On this Friday (28) of place in the sunAnd cheerful Lara Trimoro is dead. death Globo’s most hated character at 9 AMHowever, he was celebrated by the Vuelleton fans, who could no longer stand the rioters. “It’s too late,” said netizen Vitor Henrique. At the same time, onlookers mourned the suffering ravi Juan Paiva for what happened to his girlfriend.

The tagger was on top of an overpass, held by a rope, where he instantly left his mark. Soon, the rope broke and the girl fell hard on the asphalt.

Ravi, who was in the area, saw everything and panicked. In the wake of the young woman, he got into a fight with her Her lover Damon (Ruwan Aguiar), who blamed him for all the misfortune.

Though touched by the suffering of Christian’s friend (Kawa Raymond), who was eating the bread the Devil had kneaded in the plot, the audience mocked Joey’s death – she It sparked hatred from viewers throughout the series for your character cruel and handsome.

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Lara Trimoro in a place in the sun

“To make matters worse, Ravi will feel guilty about Joey’s death,” Andrea said. Joyce nailed “Stupid Death…But Too Late Joy!” “Joey is finally dead,” Sarah said.

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It was previously scheduled to end with 107 chapters on March 12, and the plot is expected to deposit 119 episodes on March 26. After that, the new version of Pantanal will appear. Check out the chapter summaries of the TV series at 9 AM that the news Posted daily.

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