February 6, 2023

It’s scary why you should never pick your nose

Come on, let the truth be told: Pick your nose With your finger a common habit? As much as some people deny that he ever touched the inside of his nose, the chance of this being true is very slim.

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Everyone had to pick their nose one day without realizing they were taking an alarming risk. At least that’s what recent research on the subject has found.

Picking your nose can be risky: here’s why

Your parents must have told you not to pick your nose in public. It is a matter of good manners and education to avoid this unhealthy act that can disgust others. Including, the situation can cause even more inconvenience, as evidenced by tests developed at a university in Australia.

Researchers at Griffith University ran some tests on mice and came to a surprising conclusion. Picking your nose may be related to Alzheimer’s disease and with dementia.

What happens is that the bacteria are able to leave the olfactory nerve and reach the human brain. These microorganisms are capable of creating telltale signs of degenerative diseases of the central nervous system.

The scientific journal Scientific Reports published the study and showed that bacteria Chlamydia pneumoniae It made its way from the optic nerve to the brain and managed to invade the central nervous system. Then, the human nervous organ responds by generating deposits of the protein beta-amyloid, characteristic of a feature of Alzheimer’s disease.

According to one of the researchers, Professor James St John, the results could be considered alarming. After all, the potential revealed by the rat could easily be replicated in the human body.

It is not difficult to pick your nose with an injured hand. The olfactory nerve is one of the shortest ways for any pathogen to reach a person’s brain.

New research stages coming soon

After the discovery and warning of the potential danger of nose-scratching, the researchers are already planning a new phase.

“We need to do this study in humans and check if the pathway works the same way. It’s research that’s already been proposed by many people, but it’s not finished yet. What we do know is that these are the same.” bacteria exist in humans, but we haven’t yet figured out how to get there,” St. John added.

If you have a bad habit of picking your nose, use your hands and never pluck the hairs from your nostrils. Small bruises can facilitate internal contamination.