December 9, 2022
"It's up to God"

“It’s up to God”

Humberto Martins intends to vote null this year

Photo: Z Paulo Cardel/Globo

Exemption was the path Humberto Martins chose in this election. Actor who publicly supported Jair Bolsonaro (PL)stated that he intends to remain neutral in the dispute between the current president and Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (PT) In the dispute over the Planalto Palace.

He said in an interview with F5Give Folha DS Paulo.

In 2019, Martins posted a message of support for Bolsonaro in a message group on the telenovela. summer 90. At the time, the post sparked a discussion with fellow Jesuita Barbosa.

The actor recently stated that he has not been treated differently by his fellow politicians because of his political position: “I have never noticed any disapproval or even that someone has treated me differently because of my political position. I suppose politics is an equal religion: it is not discussed but respected. That’s it. “.

He added, “Since I joined Globo, my only home 34 years ago, I’ve learned that respect is the foundation of everything. I also treat my teammates and people around me with affection.”

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