May 31, 2023

“It’s very hard to talk about, it still hurts today”


The sequel is supposed to air next week, according to columnist Andre Romano

Images: Reproduction/Globo

In the following chapters of full loveMarie (Camila Queiroz) will discover another secret about Gilda’s past (Mariana Ximenes). After Julio (Daniel Rangel) brings up the villain’s criminal record and reports that the girl was a prostitute, the young woman will be puzzled by her stepmother’s other matters.

In a sequence set to air soon on the 6pm series, the protagonist will not hide her shock when she learns that the widow became pregnant by a client at the time she made her living with sex. The redhead will open her heart and make sure that she buried her son.

Image: Reproduction/Globo

What do you say, Gilda? No, wait! Did you lose a child? Have you ever been someone’s mother? Hard to imagine! Why didn’t I know this before?darling Orlando (Diogo Almeida) asks.Since it is very difficult to talk about it, it still hurts today”, will answer the lover of Gaspar (Tiago Lacerda), according to writer Andre Romano, from Observatório da TV.

Lionel’s killer (Paolo Gorgolo) will confirm the information. “But it’s true: I buried my son, yes‘, you’ll say. Then a flashback will appear, and Gilda cries while watching.’A small white coffin descends into the graveAccording to the aforementioned journalist, the identity of the child will not be revealed at the time.

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