October 1, 2022
"I've been talking shit" · TV news

“I’ve been talking shit” · TV news

Ingrid O’Hara She was nervous to see Pia Miranda enter the headquarters farm 14 This Thursday (15). Gretchen’s granddaughter Chosen by the public to complete the reality show crew, but was not received in a friendly manner by the former MTV. “You don’t even know me and you are already talking about me,” she complained, when she saw the former resident of Payol.

As soon as Bea arrived at the palace, the influencer frowned and did not get up to receive her. “You don’t even know me and you talk about me, you don’t even know my story, you limp,” she shot who was injured when the girl called her “Deschomild.”

“She doesn’t even know me, she saw me pass her damn feed [do TikTok]”, she completed a previous vacation with former celebrities.

While at Paiol, Pia took part in an activity and released some criticism against her competition. Gretchen’s granddaughter explained, “I know Ingrid is on the next app, right, the dance. I think she’s a very rude person, and I don’t think she’s all that.”

During the live programme, Adriane Galisteu questioned Ingrid about the outbreak. “She doesn’t even know me, and she doesn’t know anything about my story. She calls me rude, and she’s never seen me in her life. It’s something that happens and I feel really bad because people judge me without knowing the story. She didn’t do the homework,” one YouTuber complained. .

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