November 29, 2022
Observatório G

Jade Picon accentuates thong butt and collects praise on the web

with the advent of ‘Transit’ This week, the influencer Jade BaconThe 21-year-old made netizens’ hearts beat faster by showing off her all-natural beauty in a set of photos posted on her social networks. On this occasion, TV Globo’s new bet highlighted her round butt in a micro bikini and garnered more than 600,000 likes from netizens.

“This week I showed my recording routine on Gshow and this routine asks for dream hair,” he wrote Jade Bacon In the caption, she showers her sculpted body with the camera lens, as well as showing off all her beauty while in the shower. In the comments, the celebrity garnered thousands of praises from fans.


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This woman’s body is worthy of a standing ovation.” One fan of the influencer wrote first. “Jade swings a lot in Travessia,” Highlight another fan. “A true goddess!” Another netizen, among several affectionate messages, paid tribute to the new super production star of the Nine on TV Globo.

It is worth noting that, according to the TV ObservatoryAnd the Jade Bacon You should get about R$60,000 per month (without marketing) as a contractor for TV Globo. With publicity actions during the telenovela signed by Glória Perez, former BBB earnings could reach R$ 240 thousand per month.