July 18, 2024

Jade Picon and José Loreto kiss hotly at the carnival

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Jade Picon and José Loreto kiss hotly at the carnival
Jade Picon and José Loreto kiss hotly at the carnival

There’s a new couple on the block! Jade Bacon and Jose Loreto enjoyed the Carnival festivities very well and according to a journalist, They kissed hotly into the wee hours of Monday During the samba schools parade in Sabukai.

The place was a hot press, but that didn’t stop many from seeing the heated confrontation between the pair. According to Gabriel Berlin, The actors wasted no time and being single they really enjoyed the place. Together they exchanged kisses and caresses and are already following each other on social networks.


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The former BBB appeared on air in the TV series Travessia and in Chiara’s Skin was harshly criticized, due to her poor acting in the scene. The young woman is often seen on the beaches of Rio, where she devotes herself to hiking and leaves her body more healed and tanned. Jose Loreto, recently separated from Rafa Calimanon air in Vai na Fé and in the role of Lui Lorenzo, the actor taped scenes from the TV series in the Ivete Sangalo trio in Salvador.

The site’s privacy was ensured, because “Nosso Camarote” allowed coverage only by journalists and photographers until midnight, after which the professionals had to leave, giving more privacy to the celebrities.

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