May 31, 2023
Jade Picon beats Laís to top BBB 22 rejection rating;  Watch the numbers · TV news

Jade Picon beats Laís to top BBB 22 rejection rating; Watch the numbers · TV news

les caldas has been eliminated from BBB 22 With 91.25% of the vote and entered the list of the top ten percentages of disapproval of the program, in addition to breaking the record for the edition. But that doesn’t mean she got the most votes to get out – the real leader of this arrangement is Jade Bacon.

The wall between digital influencer Arthur Aguiar and Giselan Alves broke the record for participation in the edition, with nearly 700 million votes – more than half a billion votes more than the hot seat between Doctor Douglas Silva and Eliezer Netto.

In absolute numbers, this means that at 84.93%, Jade received approximately 593 million votes to leave the reality show Globo, while La “only” received more than 140 million votes when she was eliminated.

In other words, there were many more people committed to eliminating the millionaire than getting the dermatologist out of the house—which wasn’t even among the three most voted people on the release.

The big surprise is also ‘favoritism’ Natalia Deodato. Despite getting a similar percentage to her lollipops, the Miner got just over 28 million votes to leave. It’s second only to Luciano Estevam, who was part of The Wall with the fewest votes in the entire release.

The largest wall in the history of the reality show, which even entered the Book of Records, was erected at BBB 20 between Manu Javase, Felipe Prior and Mary Gonzalez, receiving 1.5 billion votes and defeating the architect.

At BBB 21, the record was set by the hot seat between Sarah Andrade, Rodolfo Mateus and Juliette Freire, with 654 million entries. Whoever took the worst was the Brazilians, from Expose rejection even to Carol Konka.

Check out the BBB 22 rejection rating by vote count below:

  1. Jade Picon 84.93%: 592 million (592,980,477 out of 698,199,078 votes)
  2. Giseilan Alves – 63.63%: 259 million (259,343,841 out of a total of 407,581,080 votes)
  3. Eliezer Neto – 65.76%: 182 million (182,866,942 out of a total of 278,082,333 votes)
  4. Las Caldas – 91.25%: 143 million (143,317,493 out of a total of 157,060,266 votes)
  5. Barbara Heck – 86.02%: 90 million (90,942,992 out of 105,723,079 votes)
  6. Pedro Scobe – 55.95%: 86 million (86,269,316 out of 154,190,021 votes)
  7. Nayara Azevedo – 57.77%: 85 million (85,123,569 out of a total of 147,349,091 votes)
  8. Gustavo Marcingo – 81.53%: 80 million (80,913,358 out of a total of 99,243,663 votes)
  9. Larissa Tomasia 88.59%: 79 million (79,875,182 out of a total of 90,162,753 votes)
  10. Bruna Gonçalves – 76.18%: 69 million (69,536,267 out of a total of 91,278,902 votes)
  11. Linn da Quebrada – 77.60%: 64 million (64,850,039 out of a total of 83,569,638 votes)
  12. Rodrigo Mossi – 48.45%: 58 million (58,451,197 out of 120,642,306 votes)
  13. Vinnie Fernandez – 55.87%: 41 million (41,252,509 out of a total of 73,836,602 votes)
  14. Slovenia Marquis – 80.74%:40.2 million (40,201,956 out of 49,791,871 votes)
  15. Lucas Bisoli – 77.54%:40 million (40,072,546 out of a total of 51,679,838 votes)
  16. Natalia Deodato – 83.43%: 28 million (28,252,058 out of a total of 33,863,189 votes)
  17. Luciano Estivam – 49.31%: 15 million (15,040,152 out of a total of 30,501,221 votes)

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