July 24, 2024

Jade Picon becomes a meme when talking about economics at BBB22

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Jade Picon becomes a meme when talking about economics at BBB22
Jade Picon becomes a meme when talking about economics at BBB22
Jade Picon no BBB22 (Reprodução Globoplay)

Jade Bacon at BBB22 (Globoplay clone)

Jade Bacon isla audience “BBB22” during Thursday night immunity test. Like others confined, the digital influencer needed to speak a few sentences to promote the payment service that sponsored the test, and he became a meme when trying to create a discourse about financial hardship without ever going through the situation.

I rehearsed asking, “Do I get this distressed at the end of the month?” , while Tado Schmidt encouraged her and said she could read exam cards if she had any questions. On social media, audiences mocked the situation, commenting that Jade, who is rich outside of confinement, would still go through a lot of trouble at home during Xepa and when using the more economical products the show’s production has to offer.

Rich before confinement

Participating in the most-searched “Big Brother Brasil 22” on Google between the cast’s announcement and the show’s debut day according to columnist Patricia Kogut, Jade Picon finally came home on Thursday. She, Arthur Aguiar and Lin da Quebrada were the three “cabins” diagnosed with Covid-19, who, as a precaution, stayed longer in the hotel, away from the other brothers.

Despite raising a lot of skepticism on Google about “who is Jade Picon” and even from his housemates, the influencer is a phenomenon on social networks. Born in São Paulo, she is 20 years old and has nearly 15 million followers on Instagram, 472,000 on Twitter, 1.4 million on Facebook and 1.97 million subscribers on her YouTube channel.

Wealthy even before she became influential, Jade is the daughter of Carlos Bacon, a marble and granite entrepreneur. But she became known in the digital world because of her five-year-old brother, Leo Bacon, who became an influencer before her and even participated in the reality show “De Vacation With Ex,” on MTV. By appearing a lot on Léo networks, Jade ended up forming her own audience and venturing as a businesswoman as well. Since 2021, she has been managing the clothing brand Jade², as well as advertising primarily for beauty brands.

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