Jagmeet Singh won the by-election in Burnaby-South

Jagmeet Singh remporte l’élection partielle dans Burnaby-Sud

OTTAWA — the leader of The NDP, Jagmeet Singh, won the by-election in the riding of Burnaby South, British Columbia, and the liberal Party takes over the riding of Outremont owned since 2007 by the ex-NDP leader Thomas Mulcair.

Three by-elections were held Monday, and the conservatives, meanwhile, are easily provoked in the ontario riding of York-Simcoe.

This election would decide the political fate of Jagmeet Singh and, more broadly, of his New democratic Party.

The leader of the NDP was seeking a seat in the House of commons.

Many new democrats felt that Mr. Singh would not have been able to be at the head of the training in the general election this fall, if he had been unable to be elected.

Mr. Singh is counting on a victory to give greater visibility to the parliament in view of the election in the month of October. This could also silence his detractors within the party.

Under the leadership of Mr. Singh, the NDP has dipped in the polls to its level of popularity is the lowest since 2000, when it had won 13 seats. The party is overburdened with debt and its funding is anemic. At least 11 of its 44 current deputies will not be out of the race this fall.

Mr. Singh has also been criticized for its lack of familiarity apparent with the national issues and for his management of the caucus, the new democrat.

In his victory speech, he spoke in French of the “rally of progressive forces” by his predecessors.

“I am committed to redouble its efforts to reconnect with Quebecers, to realize the dream of Jack Layton. Because of this, I will be in Quebec city next week to present a plan to reconnect with Quebecers and to provide them with a plan, marshalling (sic), a single plan for Quebec, to improve the condition of the individual,” said Mr. Singh.

With 181 offices of vote counted on 196 in Burnaby South, British Columbia, Mr. Singh got 38.7% of the vote, compared to 26 % for the liberal Richard T. Lee, and 22.7% for the conservative Jay Shin.

The liberal Party of Canada takes Outremont

Jagmeet Singh remporte l’élection partielle dans Burnaby-Sud

The liberal candidate in Outremont, Rachel the three brothers, made his speech after his victory in the by-election on Monday. To his right, the minister of Tourism, official Languages and la Francophonie, Mélanie Joly.

The canadian Press, Paul Chiasson

In Outremont, the liberal Party won a major victory. The riding was a liberal stronghold of long-time until 2007, when the former leader of the NDP, Thomas Mulcair, has won an electoral victory major for his training.

With 160 polling stations counted on 170, the liberal candidate Rachel the three brothers got 40.4% of the votes cast. Julia Sanchez, the NDP, came in second place with 28.1% of the vote.

Daniel Green, deputy leader of the green Party of Canada, was third with 13.2 % of the vote, ahead of both the Bloc and its candidate Michel Duchesne, to 10.4 %.

The by-election in Outremont was the first test for the Bloc québécois, under the leadership of its new chief, Yves-François Blanchet, who has been elected by acclamation in January. The training seemed to be in the process of obtaining a score slightly higher than reported in the general elections of 2015, whereas it had collected 8.4% of the vote, also in the fourth rank.

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