July 25, 2024

Jaguar’s friend, Moda is exposed and begs the TV news channel to forgive her

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Jaguar's friend, Moda is exposed and begs the TV news channel to forgive her
Jaguar's friend, Moda is exposed and begs the TV news channel to forgive her

Friday (Alanis Jilin) will discover the truth about Moda (Bella Campos) in wet land. The girl will revolt when she learns that Maria Root was responsible for her mother’s death and will threaten the life of a Jaguar girlfriend at the 9 AM Globo Opera. With a tender heart, the hero will return for revenge when a woman asks Parana for mercy.

In the coming chapters of bruno luberi gameMaria’s daughter (Juliana Paes) will return to the biome, but seedlings It will continue on the farm of Jose Leôncio (Marcos Palmeira). One day, Alcides (Juliano Cazarré) will open the match with Marruá’s heiress over what led him to the lands of Tenório (Murilo Benício) and confess his desire to take revenge on his boss.

During the conversation, the pawn will say that Maria Root, like him, is not who she says is her friend. With fleas behind her ear, a Jaguar girl will face her former guest. The stranger will say that she is afraid to become an animal, but she will reveal the whole truth to her. Friday.

The character of Bella Campos will say that she arrived in the Pantanal with Lucio (Irum Cordero) to avenge her father’s murder. She would also concede that her friend would be killed, but changed her mind when she approached her. Girlfriend hollow Jesuita Barbosa will be angry and at first threaten the young woman’s life.

Convincingly, Moda will argue that their stories are similar and will convince the girl to give up on her murder. At the end of the prose, the two will conclude that Tenório was largely responsible for the families’ deaths.

Written by Benedito Ruy Barbosa, the telenovela Pantanal was introduced in 1990 by the extinct Manchete (1983-1999). Globo edition has been modified by Bruno Luperi, grandson of the author.

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