May 31, 2023
James Webb's line-up is over and surprise photos

James Webb’s line-up is over and surprise photos

Four months after its launch, which took place on December 25, 2022, it was finally aligned NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope you’re almost done. After a comprehensive review Thursday, the observatory was able to capture sharp, well-focused images using each of its four powerful science instruments on board. Now, with the seventh and final stage of file alignment complete telescopeThe team has reached a consensus that it is ready to start work.

However, it will have to go through the last stage of preparations, known as the commissioning of scientific instruments. This process should take about two months, i.e. James Webb Official activities should only begin in June or July, in the middle of the North American summer.

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The telescope alignment can be seen on all Webb instruments in a series of images that capture the entire field of view of the observatory.

said Lee Feinberg, director of the Elements, Optical Telescope. center in NASA.

Performance beyond expectations

The telescope’s optical performance continues to be better than the engineering team’s most optimistic predictions.

Webb mirrors now direct fully focused light collected from space into each instrument with sharp images. The quality is described by the accuracy of the details, which will improve with the following modifications.

“With the telescope alignment completed and a half-life effort, my role on the James Webb Space Telescope mission is over,” said Scott Acton, Webb Wavefront Detection and Control Scientist, Ball Aerospace.

“These images have profoundly changed the way I see the universe. We are surrounded by a symphony of creation. There are galaxies everywhere! I hope everyone in the world can see them.”

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Next steps

Now, Webb’s team will turn its attention to commissioning scientific instruments. It’s a highly advanced range of detectors equipped with unique lenses, masks, filters and custom equipment that helps you do the science it was designed for.

The images captured by the James Webb Telescope are very clear and will help scientists unravel the mysteries of galaxies. Photo: NASA

With alignment in the final phase, most of the professionals who used to work in the Mission Operations Center at the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore are already packing their bags to go home, given that they have successfully completed their duties.

Although the telescope’s alignment has been completed, some calibration activities remain before the telescope becomes operational on the more than $10 billion US mission, with huge gains for science.

In addition, continuous maintenance observations every two days will monitor the alignment of the mirrors and, when necessary, apply corrections to keep the mirrors in their compatible positions. Another step towards scientific development.

via: NASA

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