June 3, 2023
Janet compares acceptability in US and Brazil: 'Americans have more memory' - GQ

Janet compares acceptability in US and Brazil: ‘Americans have more memory’ – GQ

Janet Arkain, four-time WNBA Champion and 1994 World Champion (Photo: Disclosure / Nike – @brskphoto)

Four-time WNBA Champion, 1994 World Champion and one of the best players on the Brazilian women’s team Basketball, Janet Arkain Informed to GQ Brazil The differences he sees in the relevance of events in the United States and Brazil.

In a chat during Nike’s 50th anniversary event this Saturday (4) in Parque Ibirapuera, So Paulo, the former athlete said that Brazilians are hot, but Americans are too accustomed to celebrating and keeping up with the past. The memory of the game is alive.

“There’s a difference, because Americans have a great memory and are very fond of history, in raising people who helped strengthen their best, in leagues, basketball, baseball or American football. I’m always been there. From the generation that followed the 2000s, basketball has won many titles in a decade, ”he says.

Janet talks about her relationship with fashion and hair. The former athlete said that he was elegant when he was young, but now he likes natural style.

“I’m not a fashion expert, but I like to look at styles. You have to feel good about the clothes you like because you can spread good things. My hair is always like this, but I straightened it., I used black a lot, but I decided to use nature. It went well with my style, I felt good. It’s Janet, “he says.

This year, Janet made her debut as a commentator on TNT during the broadcast NBA. With a lot of assets to talk about basketball, the former guard says he is very comfortable in the industry.

“It’s challenging, very interesting, especially talking about the NBA, it’s a lot of games, over 1000 in the season, so it’s fantastic, it’s a success. I want to be a commentator, it’s another challenge in my life