February 5, 2023

Jarbas Homem de Mello shows Claudia Raya’s stretch on social networks and the post is praised: “What a beautiful moment…”

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Garbas Homem de Melo and Claudia Raya are expecting their first child

Jarbas Homem de Mello engaged in stretching exercises with his wife
🇧🇷 Play / Instagram / @jarbashomemdemelloJarbas Homem de Mello engaged in stretching exercises with his wife

Claudia Raya She is expecting her third child and the actress has made a series of statements so fans can keep track of the little one’s pregnancy. Luca🇧🇷 This Tuesday (27), Garbas is Milo’s man He shared with his followers on social networks a very exciting moment next to his wife.

In the video, Claudia stretches with the help of her partner, who wrote: “Always together in joy and expanse,” the actress’s husband wrote on his Instagram. “Ah, what a lovely moment of care and partnershipcommented the comedian Fabiana Carla🇧🇷 In a recent interview with the nightThe actor also spoke about his worries about his son’s future and how he was dealing with fatherhood.

🇧🇷I’m very happy. gives a lot anxietyI’m starting to lose sleep. My God, how am I going to provide for this child?! I am 53 years old. in terms like this, educationlife tips, we are already more prepared because expertise that we have. But sustenance, really… I’m really starting to think about a person’s college“, He said.

Please note Claudia Effect She is indeed the mother of Enzo Celulari, 25, and Sofia Raya, 19 years. The two are the result of the actress’ previous marriage with fellow actor Edson Cellulari. Pregnancy drew attention mainly to the age of the 56-year-old artist.