October 1, 2022
Javan opened the game about Parkinson's disease, Fleur de Lys and Lola - 11/08/2022 - Photographer

Javan opened the game about Parkinson’s disease, Fleur de Lys and Lola – 11/08/2022 – Photographer

dejavan launches this Thursday (11) Album “D”, consisting of 12 songs11 of which have not been published, and are back in the news. In an interview with bindingAnd the The singer-songwriter has explained some of the lies that are being told about him, and he has also revealed the true stories.

See below what is a lie and what is true in Djavan.

“Fleur de Lys”

It’s a lie that “Fleur de Lys”, one of Djavan’s biggest hits, was inspired by the singer’s wife and daughter, who would have died in childbirth. The theory, so popular on the Internet, is that the lyrics deal with an experience that Djavan would have gone through, in which his wife Maria – the real name of the artist’s ex-wife – had died along with the couple’s alleged daughter, Margarida, in childbirth.

Although she was actually married to Maria when he composed the song in 1976, she is still alive, and has separated from Djavan. And the theory, based on the song’s lyrics, regarding the singer’s daughter named Margarida, is completely wrong.

He has debunked stories many times, saying that his songs are rarely based on true stories. “The composer is an inventor, a creator,” he says. “I don’t need to fall in love with talking about love.” “By the way, I say very little about myself in songs. The songs I do, I leave no doubt—I don’t realize when I’m talking about myself, my mom, my past, or my love.”

Parkinson’s disease

It’s a lie that Gavan has Parkinson’s disease, as a rumor circulating on the Internet claims. “What I had was something called idiopathic tremor, which is due to a lack of sleep,” he says. “There was a time when I was getting very little sleep. So I shook my head. A lot of people thought I had Parkinson’s disease. But no.”

Confirming that he had the same condition as Caetano Veloso, an idiopathic tremor, Gavan said he no longer had a shiver. “I went to a neurologist, who recognized him right away and said ‘You don’t have Parkinson’s disease, this is essential tremor. I’ll give you some medicine, it’ll be fine.” He gave you that medicine and a week later I was perfectly fine, no problem.


It is true that Djavan played football in his teens, before closing his boots early to start his music career. The singer played in the primary categories of CSA, of Alagoas, his favorite team – along with flamingoFor athletes up to 17 years of age. However, it is a lie that he made it to the professional team.

“I was a key player in the youth team,” he says. “It was number ten, I organized the midfield there. In fact, I and those who knew me thought I would make money from this business, earn a living. I thought so too. But after really hacking into music, I discovered guitar, started playing and learning and stuff, I left football behind.”

He grew up in the Farol neighborhood, in Maceió, and says he is a sick fan of CSA, which is headquartered in Motang, in the Java region. “This has been happening since my brother played on the ambitious team. I was crazy about CSA. And Flamengo too. That’s since I was little. Who is CSA, in general, a Flamengo.”

Ronet Law and Bolsonaro

Another lie related to Javan realizing that he would be against Roan’s Law, and that he would be an optimist with the government Jair Bolsonaroof the Liberal Party elected in 2018. The singer only said that he has not and will not use the law for his own benefit, But in an interview with bindingthree years ago, as mentioned That was favorable to the presence of Rouanet.

“I have never used it and never will,” he said. “I don’t even like performing for city halls. Who would pay? If people are people, I don’t want to. I’ve declined a lot of invitations. I never use them because I don’t need to and I don’t think I should use money that could be better spent.”

In the same interview, Javan defended the mechanism. “I think there are a lot of people who need help by Roann law. Brazil is a huge country, and it needs culture in all areas. People need to enjoy it. It makes sense. I don’t complain about who uses it. Not to resort to Roann law.”

The same post that put the singer in contrast to Rawanit brought an alleged statement from Djavan, in which he stated that he was optimistic about the future government at the time of the president’s election – in fact, he says, his hope was in Brazil. People.

“I have always voted for squid I will Vote for him again“I’ve had a very close relationship with Lola for some time and, in short, I will continue to vote for him. This is where we hope things will go well,” says the singer, who will not campaign for Labor, as he did in the election. 1989. “I want to make my contribution from where I am.”