June 25, 2022
JBS and Minerva fell after China announced it would buy American beef

JBS and Minerva fell after China announced it would buy American beef

Meat processor stocks are operating in the stock market during the day’s biggest falls (B3) This Monday (16). At 4:20 pm (Brasilia time), Minerva shares (Beef3) 3.02% decline, R $ 11.87. Already JPS (JBSS3) 1.87% depreciation at R $ 36.26 over the same period.

These casualties reflect the difficulty in selling meat to China. This is because today the government has authorized 13 more American pork, beef and poultry bakers to export their products to Asian countries. The license came into effect last Friday (13).

In other words, the market was very competitive for the two Brazilian companies. This is the first time this year that the Chinese government has allowed such large-scale US companies to export.

With this in mind, is it time to leave the meat baking mills and sell the shares of JBS and Minerva? Or is it better to have them? See below what the experts advised UOL.

Since 2020, as the epidemic worsens, China has changed its meat import program. Thus, in order to increase health control, it began to suspend purchases from many countries.

And Now, what about the stocks of Redeemers?

To Registers Chinchilla, Analyst at Terra Investments, recommends Minerva (Beef3) Is a purchase, with a target price PRL16.

“Asian demand will continue to be strong in the coming years, as well as the company’s high performance. Its It takes short-term profits, so buyer interest should still be mutually exclusive, ”he says.

It is important to remember that the investor makes a profit when he sells the shares in order to keep the money in his pocket.

For those with shares JPS (JBSS3) Or want to know if getting it is a good idea BTG To buy it. The financial institution trusts the valuation of the securities, with an estimated target price of R $ 55.