Jean-Charles: the detours that led to the success

Michel Tassé
The Voice of the East

Jean-Charles: les détours qui ont mené au succès

I’ll tell you frankly : I never liked to write on Jean-Charles Lajoie. Because, as many people know, this is my brother-in-law, the big brother of my wife. And write to his brother-in-law, on its activities, its hockey team or its festival, it is rather… delicate.

Therefore, Jean-Charles is my brother-in-law… and even the godfather of my little last, to tell you everything. For those of you who don’t know, it is said. This allows me talk freely to him and you talk about it from another angle : that of the man who had blocked a nasty shot before reaching star status in the world of media.

“A star, it is a little strong, lance-t-il in a café in the Plateau-Mont-Royal, a few hours before going on the air for JiC, his daily show is presented on TVA Sports to 17 h. Anyway, it wants to say what, be a star ? And it gives what could be reveling in it ? Enjoy its success more than two minutes per day, it is useless, it prevents to move forward. I have no time for that… “

However, this success, which is real, he has dreamed of for a long time.

“What I’ve dreamed of, in fact, is to earn my living in the world of professional sport. I got there and I’m proud of it, it is true. I was dreaming of when I was reading the Voice of The Is when I was ti-ass on the rue Charlevoix Granby, when I describe the hockey games-one of my uncles against the family Decked on the rue Fréchette, when I worked for the Buffalo as attendant to the facility for 14 years and when I animated my first broadcast of sports on tv community at 15 and a half years. All of this prepared me for what I saw today. But do you not prepare necessarily to the hard knocks of life and the stays that you get sometimes… “

Because of the hard knocks, there has been. Of the stays also. He will talk about that in detail in the brother-in-law, but not to the journalist. And detours before getting to where he is today, he was one and then another.

“Forget it, I’m finished ! “

“In 1994, I was a facilitator in a music station in Rouyn-Noranda when the opportunity to return to the area, with a beautiful contract to the radio, was presented,” he says. But it didn’t work because I made myself couillonner by a colleague. I was then 23 years old and I said to myself : “It is finished ! Forget it, I’m finished !” And I did something else for a good ten years. I did public relations, I worked in the world of politics, I’ve produced shows, I replaced from time to time on the radio and on tv, there’s nothing that I have not done. I was caught in a downward spiral and I was just trying to make a living for my family. And I said to myself : “Your life, it is what it is”. “

But here in 2005, so that it is in the organization of Music in Sight, he puts on foot CFMR, station airing the festival time. And he falls in love with the radio, which has always been his great master.

“I ran the morning show and I had this total freedom that I love so much. If I wanted to play in The Luxembourg gardens with the sound of popcorn popping at the beginning and at the end, I could do it. It was the bliss with a big B. And there, I realized that I had come into the world to do it : to make radio, to speak to the world in a micro. “

Four months later, he was invited by his friend Yves Bombardier to try his luck at Sports Academy, competition, presented at CKAC, which will allow the winner to inherit a job at the station. And of course, he wins.

“I handed in my demo five minutes after the deadline, but it passed anyway. I was talking about the problems of the Canadian. And its biggest problem, for me, it was the cheese full of holes that there were in front of the net : Theo Sleeps. They loved it, I think… “

The rest is history, as they say : after CKAC, there have been CKAC Sports, 110 %, of the replacements here and there on tv, a first passage in a secondary role to TVA Sports, and then 91,9 Sport and its ancestor Radio 9. In the order, or close to it.

“At 47 years old, I think I might be in the right place. Honestly, I don’t think I would have been ready for a challenge like this at 30, 35 or even 40 years. And the pressure, there is not. The challenge of wanting to be better every day, yeah. But I have the pretension to think that I know what people like and that is what I want to give them. “


Jean-Charles Lajoie says that he is happy. In his professional life as well as to his beautiful Marie-Manon, and of his three great guys Jean-Maxime, Pier-Gabriel and Charles-Olivier.

“My greatest pleasure is to see evolve with those I love,” he said. Professionally, the idea of now being able to choose my projects, without having to worry about the mortgage at the end of the month, I like it a lot. It is a great, great privilege. That said, I have acquired the conviction that I’m going to work until the end of my days. “

Currently, he splits his time between his magnificent home located in the mountains of Shefford and his condo in Montreal. But the region has been, is and will always be his anchor, clamp-t-it.

“It is in Granby that I’ve built, this is where it all began. This is also where I’ve been hurt often, it is true. But it’s still my home. In the region, I am well, as one is well in her old slippers. I never will deny my origins. “

But even if he wanted to, he could not. Because they are just numerous enough to remember his interviews with the players of the Buffalo to the tv community when he was not yet of hair on the chin and he weighed 150 pounds, big max.

“It was… bad. But admit it, the brother-in-law, that the heart was there ! “to me that says it.

And it is still there. And that’s part of the success of man.

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