July 15, 2024

Jean-Paulo Campos, Cirilo de Carrossel, expelled the family – Famous

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Jean-Paulo Campos, Cirilo de Carrossel, expelled the family - Famous
Jean-Paulo Campos, Cirilo de Carrossel, expelled the family - Famous
Jean Paulo Campos (Image: clone/Instagram)

Jean Paulo Campos

Known as simultaneous translation


In the latest version of the novel


He suffers from a family disorder. According to TV News, the actor’s parents have fallen victim to an eviction lawsuit for not paying the rent of the property they live in, in the city of Guarulhos, São Paulo.

Alacrino Cludio de Campos Monteiro and Nilza de Ftima Santos have delayed monthly payments. In a ruling issued on April 6 this year, Judge Luis Gustavo de Oliveira Martins Pereira made the order.

According to the case file, Alacrino and Nilza signed a lease agreement valid through May 2 last year, with an indefinite extension. The payment that was signed was 3,410 riyals per month.

Jean-Paulo Campos as Cirilo in Carrousel (Image: Reproduo/Instagram)

The actor’s parents made a deposit of 9,000 riyals, but did not pay the rent from April to November 2020. According to reports, part of the payment was paid at the end of last year.

Jan’s parents’ defense stated that the couple were no longer paying the rent due to the poor condition of the property. The judge was not in a great mood, as explained in the ruling, obtained by TV News: “Even if the rental property becomes uninhabitable due to leaks and infiltration, it is up to the tenant to plead the termination contract and pay rents and fees to discuss the debt later and not Just failing to fulfill his obligations,” says part of the decision.

And the debts of the spouses are not limited to rent. The property’s owner, Joo Luiz do Rosrio, is demanding late rent payment, property damage repair, attorneys’ fees, and fines for breach of lease. In total, with the correction of values, the debt can reach 108 thousand riyals.

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