Jeffrey Dupont, first choice of the Warriors

Jeffrey Dupont, premier choix des Guerriers

The Warriors have made the right-handed pitcher Jeffrey Dupont, a young man from the region of Trois-Rivières, their first choice on the occasion of the draft of the major League baseball junior élite du Québec, which was held in Laval.

“It is a selection that surprised many through the circuit because Jeffrey must pass this week is a magnetic resonance to his right arm,” says the director general Mathieux Rochefort. We have drafted anyway because he was injured, he has recently started to boot up, and it’s going well. “

Rochefort has only good words for smith, who arrives from the midget AAA.

“He has the attitude, he has the talent, and he absolutely wanted to play in Granby. And in the midget AAA, he was dominant. “

New manager of the Warriors, Denis Lamontagne had given the mandate to Rochefort to get arms. This is what Rochefort has done by putting the hand on six pitchers, including four left-handers, with seven players.

During the draft says “universal” of the LBJÉQ, the Warriors have recovered the receiver Kirk Fryer, but have lost the pitchers Jonathan Cardin and Pierre-Olivier Monty, the players that they had previously left without protection.

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