Jeremstar is preparing a video on his homosexuality and his coming out !

Jeremstar prépare une vidéo sur son homosexualité et son coming out !

A few days ago was held the day against bullying. This is a topic that is very important for Jeremstar. He has given many tips on Instagram and has even confided that he was going to create a site specifically on this topic. He was also a part of his own story. As a homosexual, he lived the hell and was not really accepted by the other.

Jeremstar is preparing a video on his private life

In order to reveal a little more about this period of his life and, in particular, on his coming out, he decided to make an explanatory video. In fact, this Tuesday, November 20, Jeremstar has shared a photo Story of his account Instagram. He told his subscribers : “I am preparing a video on my homosexuality and my coming out. Questions in particular, the jokers ? “For those who have several things asked the young man he will have to go on Instagram and sent her questions through its Story.


While the year has not really been easy for Jeremstar because of the story #JeremstarGate, the journalist has managed to climb back up the slope. In fact, after several months of absence on the social networks, it is income little by little and does not fail to make laugh his community as he was in the habit of doing so.

Sunday, November 18, Jeremstar has shared a photo on his account Instagram. It took the installation back in the forest, doing a jump with his superb bag in the shape of a ghost Snapachat. With the fall colors, her photo has a lot longer to its subscribers. In the caption of his photo to Instagram, he also wrote : “life is beautiful. Not the time to me the rot with trivialities, I’m in a rush live ❤️. Photo by @jcpieri 📸 “.


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