November 30, 2022
Jesse listens to music at the party and thinks she will be eliminated

Jesse listens to music at the party and thinks she will be eliminated

the party from “BBB 22″ (TV Globo) ended up crying on the dance floor. Jiseilanwhich is in Quad wall next to Arthur Aguiar, Douglas Silva and EliezerHe said he took it as a “farewell sign” to canceling some of the songs played at the event on Sunday.

When listening to “Troca de Calçada” by Marilia MendoncaThe teacher started crying compulsively on the dance floor. She repeated to the brothers, yelling, “This a musician it’s mine! It’s in my playlist. Pedro, I’m leaving,” he commented, turning to the surfer.

After the emotional reaction of the sister, Paulo Andre and Pedro Scooby Hug the biologist and try to calm her down. “This song is mine, PA never played,” Guyana continued. “Don’t travel, Jesse,” said the runner. enjoy [a festa]. It is not for you. Stop crying, otherwise I will cry too, ”the athlete continued.

But, upon hearing Chitãozinho & Xororó’s first “Sinônimos” chords, Jesse mentioned again that the song was also on the list she had sent to production before the show began, and continued her theory. Scooby clarified that he included the song in his list as well, but the teacher did not calm down.

When the end-of-party bell rang, the participants went into the living room, where Jesse continued to comment on the “letter” she was going to receive about getting rid of her:

I’m leaving, Ellie! Played all my songs!

The designer on the wall replied: “He won’t come out! Let’s trust, let’s believe!” “But I don’t want you to leave either,” continued the teacher.

“Stop like this! The wall is only at night,” Scooby pondered. The biologist continued, “It’s for me, saying ‘Goodbye Jesse.'”

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