October 1, 2022
Joachim spends four years in prison for murder TV News

Joachim spends four years in prison for murder TV News

despite of Joachim (Danilo Mesquita) has a happy ending in behind the illusion, will fop pay for his crimes. he is He will redeem himself in the last chapters He will meet his real father, but he will serve a four-year prison sentence for being an accomplice in the murder of Abel (Adriano Peterman) at the Opera Globo at six in the morning.

In addition to saving David (Rafael Vitti) from drowning in a magic show, the boy will denounce the crimes Ursula Barbara Paz to the police. ready to redeemHe will tell Joachim everything he knows Eugenio (Marcelo Novas) And ask for help.

The businessman will take Godson to the police, and he will confess his participation in the murder of the weaver. Since he is a first-time defendant, Joachim will respond to the operation freely, while Ursula and It will end in death in a tragic way. You’ll choke on the popcorn you stole from a kid.

Next, Joachim Margot (Marissa Orth) will ask if she knows where her father is. The star will give Danilo Mesquita’s character a picture of his pregnant mother with his father’s address: “Your father wrote his name and address in São Paulo. In case you find Ursula and tell me.”

In the next scene we will see Isadora’s ex-husband (Larissa ManuelaKnocking on the door of the house. A man played by Antonio Fragoso, similar to Joaquim, but in his fifties, will appear to serve him: “Alfredo Gomez? My name is Joachim. I think … I think I am your son.” He will show the picture, and the man will look at him and emotionally hug him: “Oh my son! Praise be to God, my son!”

Joachim becomes a fabric seller

In one of the last scenes, after Five years passEugenio will tell what happened to Joachim: “He served four years because he was Ursula’s partner in the death of Abel, but he is already free.”

While the viewer will listen to Eugenio, he will see Joachim smiling, cutting a cloth and giving it to a beautiful girl. She will smile again, and his father will come and hit her on the back.

“Now he lives with his father in São Paulo, where they run, what a coincidence, a small fabric shop. Tecelagem customers
Tropical! ‘, Violetta’s husband (Mallow Galli).

The final chapter of Beyond the Illusion will air on Friday (19). The TV series at 6 o’clock will be replaced by sirtau seaWritten by Mario Teixeira and starring Isadora Cruz, Renato Joyce and Sergio Guizi.

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