September 29, 2023
Joao Gomez's show wows Recife fans with photos of the singer's itinerary and elements of Pernambuco culture |  Pernambuco

Joao Gomez’s show wows Recife fans with photos of the singer’s itinerary and elements of Pernambuco culture | Pernambuco

João Gomes show at Marco Zero do RecifeOn Wednesday (17), it started just before 6 pm, with photos of the life path of the singer, who was born and raised in Sertão de Pernambuco. The song “Eu Tem a Senha”, part of the soundtrack to the series Pantanal, has been chosen to begin recording for “Acredite” DVD, the debut of the phenomenal career forró de vaquejada (See the video above).

Fireworks were set off when the singer from Pernambuco took the stage wearing a cowboy hat. On stage, other elements of Pernambuco culture showed how powerful and important the roots of the people from Pernambuco were who won Brazil.

A cracked floor structure has been assembled in Marco Zero to denote the house in which the artist lives serrated, in Sertau. In addition to his extreme enthusiasm, the audience was delighted with what they saw.

A crowd took over the Marco Zero district of Recife for the João Gomes show – Photo: Reproducer/TV Globo

From the very beginning, many fans rushed to grab the best spots in front of the gigantic theater. Christian arrived at 5:30 p.m. at the party venue, but there were already a lot of people there. It was located at the intersection of Avenida Rio Branco and Rua da Guia.

“I couldn’t get there up front and I came back here. It’s great, even from afar I love it. I really like it, I love Joao Gomez. It’s a success. It’s blown away.”

The singer announced on his Instagram page the special appearance of Raimundo Wagner, L7 Noon, Vanessa da Matta, Vitor Fernandez, Tarcisio de Accordion and Yara Chi. Organizers estimated there were more than 80,000 people.

Joao Gomez walked the stage in a cowboy hat – Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo

It was the Marco Zero area of ​​Recife Taken by a crowd. Because of the show, infrastructure, traffic and security plans have been created. Traffic began changing at 4 a.m. on Wednesday and more than 300 police officers were called.

Despite the security scheme, People have reported theft, trawling and even shootings In the area where the Pernambuco performance was held. During the show, information was also circulated that a drone used to record images was to be taken after it fell. Team Globo TV She stated that she was asked to return the equipment “behind the stage”.

In an interview with NE2young woman from Olinda, in Greater Recife, said his cell phone was taken. Soon, images of confusion in the area where the performance of the Pernambuco singer took place spread on social networks.

Joao Gomez draped in a Pernambuco flag during a concert in Recife – Photo: Engage/TV Globo

20-year-old João Gomez was born and raised in Cerreta, Sertão. Petrolina, in the same area. Currently, he has more than 13 million followers on Instagram alone, and he has conquered audiences all over Brazil.

With one year into his career, he was awarded the song “Eu Tem a Senha” in the TV series Globo TV. The song is the theme of Zé Leôncio, a character played by Renato Goes, also from Pernambuco, in the first stage of the telenovela, and played by Marcos Palmeira, in the second.

The singer decided to return to his original state to record the first DVD of his career. The name “Believe” is an indication that the artist’s dreams come true.

He began to sing in the corridors of the Federal Institute of the Petrolina Rural District, where he was taking an art course in agriculture. Gradually, what was a joke among colleagues grew and the singer became a national phenomenon.

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