July 14, 2024

Joaquim Lopez shows his twin with the Cerrado twins

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Joaquim Lopez shows his twin with the Cerrado twins
Joaquim Lopez shows his twin with the Cerrado twins

Joaquim Lopez shows his two-year-old children meeting Marcelo Cerrado’s twins

twin actor Joaquim Lopez and the singer Marcela Fogasa He had a very nice date! Sophia and Petra, aged 1 and 3 months, were enjoying the company of 9-year-old twins Gilherme and Felipe.

The boys are the children of the actor Marcelo Cerrado And the Roberta Fernandez Cerrado. The boys’ mother is a great friend of Marcela and even the baby’s godmother. The comrades did not resist and recorded every detail of the family meeting.

wife Joaquim Lopez She provided an emotional account of what this special moment was like for her friends. “Two sets of identical twins and lots of love going through you. timetable. Pip and Joey’s mom and I were dreaming about this moment of bringing the four together and reality was much better than the dream.

According to the singer, children and boys got along wonderfully. “A spontaneous, spiritual relationship, of affection, relationship, kindness and love. Exciting and pure. Unexplainable! They are in their own world, which only 4 of them understand and will understand for their whole lives. Marcella reflected this mirror love for a brother, seeking their individuality, sharing a lot, including a unique love which is incomparable.

The celebrity even said to her friend, “It wasn’t enough to be Roberta’s soul sister, I followed in your twin footsteps and made you the godmother of a gem. I love you with all my heart. My family I chose. Now hold this quartet that passed before me and we will still laugh a lot.”

Roberta also reinforces her intense affection for the Fogasa Lopez family. “This afternoon came to fill my heart with joy and passion. This was the family I chose to call my family! Seeing the 4 together was emotional. I have a feeling the four of them know this connection will be eternal. I love you Marcela Fogasa and Joaquim Lopez. “All that was missing was Marcelo Cerrado so that the family could be completed,” said Cerrado’s wife.

Joaquim Lopez's twins meet Marcelo Cerrado's twins

Instagram clone Joaquim Lopez’s twins play with Marcelo Cerrado’s twins

Joaquim Lopez poses with Marcelo Cerrado's twins

Instagram clone Joaquim Lopez appears with Marcelo Cerrado’s twins

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