October 1, 2022
Jobs in health sector

Jobs in health sector

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The issuance of green cards, also known as permanent resident visas, which guarantee the right to live and work in the United States, is good news for those dreaming of living in the United States, and has reached the second-highest level in history. , with 17,952 new trips to Brazilians.

The labor shortage is a big factor in driving up these numbers, and in the first quarter of this year, there were 11.5 million job openings in the U.S., the highest number ever recorded in the country’s history.

Demand is growing faster than supply of professionals. In the healthcare sector, since the beginning of the US economic recovery, there has been an exodus of workers from the market during the so-called post-pandemic period.

The movement was motivated by a variety of factors, including the search for better wages, the comfort of unemployment benefits, and the retirement of large numbers of workers. According to the US government’s own estimates, the country currently needs more than 16,000 primary care workers (doctors and nurses), 11,000 new dentists and 7,000 mental health professionals to end the region’s skilled labor shortage.

The so-called “code flight” from Brazil is already a reality, many health professionals are changing their lives and countries, exchanging reais for dollars, but first it is necessary to go through the procedures to reorganize the diploma and issue a visa. To work in America.

“We have a demand for vacancies, Brazilian manpower and professionals are needed More and more trained health professionals seeking this new life in America, hence the so-called lab code flight. Currently, many doctors, nurses, dentists and physiotherapists are looking for more recognition and a better quality of life,” explains Leonardo Leão, founder and CEO/consulting lawyer of Leão Group’s immigration and international business.

But just packing your bags and leaving is not enough…

It sounds simple, they need professionals, a doctor, physiotherapist, nurse or dentist is here, ready to fly to a new life in Uncle Sam’s land… It’s not that simple, warns Leo.

“All procedures must be followed before going to the US. The American authorities are practical and efficient, if you comply with the law and do the whole visa process correctly, you will get your permission to work in the US”, explains Leo, who has worked with obvious results for more than fifteen years. Subject migration to the US.

Leo recalled that the lack of manpower in health is not exclusive to these professionals, but other fields such as technology and engineering also lack qualified professionals.

Permanent visas to the United States are divided into EB-1, EB-2, and EB-2 NIW. Each type brings different needs, but immigrants are expected to have the interest and conditions to contribute to certain needs of American society. For Brazilian professionals, the EB-2 and EB-2 NIW categories offer great opportunities because they aim to fill precisely the gaps in the US job market. This is a visa that allows foreigners with a solid career to work in the US and live in the country with their families.

“It’s important to note that you don’t have to be a millionaire or a genius to get a US work visa. The EB-2 category is for people who are focused, ordinary citizens, who want to work and contribute to American society. Today there is concern on the part of the US authorities to speed up the journey of these professionals, they ( Americans) need it, but it’s important to remember that all the requirements must be met to get a green card,” warns the expert.

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