May 31, 2023
Joel Embiid returns, six players win, reduce the gap to 2-1 |  NBA

Joel Embiid returns, six players win, reduce the gap to 2-1 | NBA

The return of Joel Embiid gave new life, the use of the ocean was crucial, and the Philadelphia 76ers were still alive in the series against the Miami Heat. Friday night, the team went 99-79 in Philadelphia, trimming Team Florida’s advantage to 2-1 in the Eastern Conference semifinals.

Jimmy Butler’s 33 points weren’t enough. Therese Maxi scored 21 goals and was 14 in the last period and led the host team’s rush to victory. Danny Green hit 7 of 9 attempts from the ocean for another 21. The Sixers retained 16 of 33 overall (48.5%), compared to just 7 of 30 (23.3%) for heat. Embiid contributed 18 points and 11 rebounds in 36 minutes. James Harden is 17 years old.

Joel Embiid playing with a mask – Photo: Mitchell Leaf/Getty Images

Embiid missed the first two matches due to a fracture of an orbital bone in his right eye. This time, he can act with a face covering. An ultimatum to the court was expected, but not confirmed, even because of the contested duel. Philadelphia was only 3 points away at the start of the last quarter, but it didn’t give the visitors chances at the crucial moments.

Tyler Hero was named the sixth best man of the season, scoring just 14 points. Aside from him and Butler, no other Miami player has scored in double digits. Points guard Kyle Lowery returned to the field after four games with a thigh injury. In 25 minutes, he did not score a single point in 4 field shots, with 4 rebounds, 3 assists and a steal.

Miami’s 79 points were the second worst of the entire season — only better than the 78 against the Boston Celtics on November 4. The team will attempt to answer in Game 4, also in Philadelphia. The duel will take place next Sunday at 21:00, With Sportv 2 . transmission.

Terrese Maxi (21 pints, 6 flowers, 5 baskets of three)
Danny Green (21 points, 4 reps, 7 baskets of three)
Joel Embiid (18 points, 11 reais)
James Harden (17 points, 8 res, 6 stars)
Tobias Harris (9 points, 10 Reese, 8 points)

the heat
Jimmy Butler (33 points, 9 res)
Tyler Hero (14 points, 4 reps)
Pam Adebayo (9 points, 3 res)
BJ Tucker (4 points, 8 res)
Kyle Lowry (0 points, 4 res, 3 sts)

Joel Embiid with his new business tool – Photo: Mitchell Leaf/Getty Images

Sixers 22
heat 14

Sixers 18
heat 11

Points resulting from transformations
Sixers 17
temperature 19

Kyle Lowry returns to court in the Miami Heat – Photo: Bill Streicher-USA Today Sports

points in the bottle
Sixers 28
temperature 28

Second Chance Points
Sixers 7
heat 15

Transfer points
Sixers 19
Heat 6

field shots
Sixers 32/67 (47.8%)
Heat 27/77 (35.1%)

three shots
Sixers 16/33 (48.5%)
Heat 7/30 (23.3%)

free throws
Sixers 19/22 (86.4%)
18/24 heat (75%)

Scoring chart – Photo: NBA

First period – Sixers 21 to 17Embiid played 10 minutes and scored 7 points plus 4 rebounds for the Sixers on his return. Harden played his part and contributed 9 points. On the flip side, the heat hit only one of 6 shots from the ocean. Hero, the sixth best player of the season, was Miami’s top scorer with 6.

Second period – Sixers 20 to 17: Partial Philadelphia started with a score of 9-0, but Miami tied in the sequence. Visitors hit 1 in 10 from the ocean in the partial. Harden had 6 more points for a total of 15. Butler had 8 points for a total of 10. Embiid and Hero scored zero in the second quarter. The Sixers have been 13-3 in the transitional game so far. Score from 41 to 34 at rest.

Jimmy Butler was closely featured by Tobias Harris – Photo: Bill Streicher – USA Today Sports

Third period – heat 31 to 27: Harden made his fourth foul and left the field with 7:39 on the clock. Miami managed a streak from 13 to 0 and tied the duel. Butler scored 14 in the partial, for a total of 24. The difference in ocean usage improved. Danny Green already had 6 baskets in 7 attempts. Harden (15), Embiid (13) and Hero (12) were other top scorers. Score from 68 to 65.

Fourth period – heat 31 to 14: Therese Maxi scored 14 points and led the home team in the last quarter. The Sixers’ defense only gave the Heat 14 points in this period, 79 points per game, the second-worst mark of the entire season. A game to be forgotten on the Miami side, a duel to revive Joel Embiid and his cohorts.

Match 1 (02/05) – Preliminary Round 106 x 92 Six players
Match 2 (04/05) – Preliminary Round 119 x 103 Six players
Game 3 (05/06) – Sixers 99 x 79 Heat
Match 4 (08/05) – Sixers x Heat, at 21 (sportv2)
Game 5 (10/05) – Heat vs Sixers, time is up
Game 6 (12/05) – Sixers v Heat, time will be set (if needed)
Game 7 (15/05) – Heat vs Sixers, time must be set (if necessary)