John Krasinski, ‘SNL’ Pete Davidson’s kiss isn’t great for the gay community


Cecily Strong played US Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene in the opening skit of the 2021 “Saturday Night Live” premiere, hosted by John Krasinski.

And chit

Live, from New York, it’s a gay scene – again!

At least, that’s how it felt while watching John Krasinski and Pete Davidson share a communion on Saturday Night Live over the weekend.

The joke went like this: During Krasinski’s inaugural host monologue, cast members continued to boycott him with his question about “The Office” – including many investigative questions about Pam. And that’s when Davidson appeared on stage next to him.

“I think they really need someone to be Pam,” Davidson told Krasinski. “I think we should give them what they want. Jim, I think you should kiss Pam.”

So they accepted.

Mixed reactions have flooded social media since then. “I didn’t know I needed to see Pete Davidson and John Krasinski kiss until I saw Pete Davidson and John Krasinski kissing.” @ gracewindu25 He wrote on Twitter. MustafaHosny Oh God, Secretary He wrote, “If you missed Pete Davidson and John Krasinski’s kiss on SNL well … you missed a sorry cultural reset.”

The Daily Beast Writer Kevin Fallon pretended sarcastically: “SNL this week, last week, every week, always and forever:” A joke is two men! They have accepted! get it?!?! It’s funny! You guys! Ha ha ha ha. ”

“John Krasinski’s Kiss / Pete Davidson feels a great deal of (raunchy) performance weirdness” Embed a Tweet Wrote.

To be clear: nothing is inherently wrong Davidson and Krasinski kiss each other. In non-epidemic times, as a gay man, I also enjoy kissing men.

But finish a little comedy with two Straight Kissing men is not the same as accepting gays and couples for what they are. When something that should be seen as “natural” is perceived as “spectacle,” we are moving in the wrong direction.

I’m sure there will be some young members of the LGBTQ community watching SNL that feels good that two men can kiss them on national TV to make a bang. But another kid can sit there and pick up the subtext that this is not something “normal”, which is why so much attention is paid to it.

The moment reminded me of how I felt when I watched Andrew Garfield and Ryan Reynolds kiss each other at a Golden Globe party Four years ago.

A lot could happen in four years. Children graduate from high school. Presidential administrations give way to new administrations. LGBTQ protections show up in the workplace. But there is still progress to be made on SNL.

This is not to say that “SNL” is an indicator of our general culture. No show can or should bear all of this responsibility. But the series remains an institution that people watch and discuss regularly, even if it is simply a question of a YouTube video of one of the drawings. This influence seeps into our culture, prompting Tweets, Instagram DMs, and Google to search for all the world to see.

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‘Saturday Night Live’ may have recently braced LGBTQ culture – Harry Styles’Sarah Lee“ The sketch in particular, starring gay cast member Bowen Yang from just last year, is a triumph – but the show Hate homosexuals And the Transphobia Trends during the Weekend Update hardly go unnoticed.

We hope the conversation about the kiss this time goes beyond being viewed as a gimmick and leads to a conversation about the kiss why People thought it was outrageous in the first place.

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