John Patenaude hit in the heart

Jean Patenaude touché en plein cœur

“I am very touched. But there are so many good volunteers in Granby that could have been honored in this way… ”

Jean Patenaude was looking at the session of the municipal council of Granby to the tv Monday night when he was hit in the heart : from the 24th of February, the rink’s main centre sportif Léonard-Grondin (or ice B, as they call it) would bear his name.

“It’s been really warm in the heart, he said when contacted by the author of these lines. It is a privilege, a great privilege, and I accept it on behalf of all those who work for our young people and for the sport in us. And they are very many ! “

The ceremony will take place at 12: 45 p.m., before the presentation of the final of the class AAA international Tournament bantam hockey, Jean Patenaude who contributed to the foundation of the event in the early 70’s. The time will be perfect.

“Dad is happy, but you know, it is modest, has explained her son Guy, who was watching the council meeting with him the other night. When he learned the news, he said : “Why me ? ” But we all know why it is him who will receive this honor. “

The Town of Granby has decided to honour its greatest ambassadors in the world of sport and the name of Jean Patenaude is released very quickly when it was question of giving a name to the ice-skating rink main centre sportif Léonard-Grondin.

And we understand actually why. At age 75, Jean Patenaude has served as a coach, organizer and recruiter, primarily with the hockey, but it has also served baseball, softball and sometimes even in the cultural domain. He has given of his time to the small players, the Vics, Buffalo, and Predators, of the thousands of young athletes who, today, tell him thank you.

On Facebook, a group has been formed in anticipation of the homage of 24 February. The testimonies are numerous and often touching.

“We often speak of the involvement of my father with the elite, but it still has helped so many young people when he worked for the Recreation of Granby ? asked his son. The great strength of dad, it is that it included young people. “

Even if his health is shaky and that the hospital stays have increased in recent months, Jean Patenaude remains a regular in the centre sportif Léonard-Grondin. And it will still be a detailed analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of Inouk with pleasure if you ask him !

“Dad’s, when he worked on the Recreation, it was the arena. He worked there, he did his volunteer work there and he has attended thousands of games as a spectator in order to encourage young people. The arena, this is his home. “

As the director of recreation and culture for the City of Saint-Césaire, Guy Patenaude is fighting currently to provide the municipality with a new arena. If there is someone who knows the importance of a building like this in the life of a community, it is him.

“There are lives that are emerging in the arena “, he added.

And it takes John Patenaude to help shape these lives.

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