May 31, 2023

John Wick’s flexible, bulletproof suit exists in real life

Everyone is tired of knowing that John Wick is an excellent killer for hire, even though his franchise was a huge hit, right? But there is something a character can have that many people think is impossible to have in real life.

In the movie “John Wick 4: Baba Yaga,” the movie features an iconic scene in which the protagonist, played by Keanu Reeves, uses suit Stylish able to protect you from gunfire, while being completely flexible and not hindering your movements. The work is so beautiful and unusual that it has become anyone’s dream.

And did you know that this is no longer limited to the imagination? Scientists have created a material that has the same properties as John Wick’s suit. Understand how this is possible now!

Image: Nerdizmo/Reproduction

How could John Wick’s suit exist in real life?

In the film, the suit John Wick receives contains Kevlar fiber, a material developed by the multinational company DuPont in the 1960s. A new molecule allows for the production of higher quality armored suits.

Marcelo Fonseca, DuPont Latin America’s Defense Sector Leader, spoke a little more about that experience. According to him, the technology She is exclusive to the brand and hopes to be a major door opener in the fashion market. look:

“This fiber, which we now call Kevlar EXO and is an exclusive technology, will be a great door opener in the fashion market. This invention will make it possible to manufacture clothing with high bullet protection, without compromising on comfort and style.

What is played out in the movie is clearly fantasy, as there is nothing that can withstand so many takes without fail.

But this new molecule allows us to reach levels we haven’t reached before so that no one will notice in a suit, because it’s more comfortable and fits better on the body. “

That is, the idea is that the suit, or the fabric in particular, follows the same pattern as John Wick’s famous suit. So, would you wear a costume like that?