February 8, 2023
Johnny may leave America and play for another team

Johnny may leave America and play for another team

Young midfielder Johnny, only 21 years old, is one of the highlights International In 2022. Not surprisingly, the young man almost went World Cup Qatar advanced to the round of 16, along with the US national team.

After being called up for the last friendlies before the World Cup, Johnny’s confidence in the tournament was boosted. In addition, with a good phase in Colorado, the player had everything to be called, however, the midfielder was passed by Roldan, who was from his rival Seattle Sounders for the vacancy.

Absent the convention, the United States could lose a major North American promise. After all, FIFA made some rules more flexible so that a player can change the national team he defends once, for that, the player must be under 21 years of age and not have more. Games before switching to another. In addition, the games could not have been in the World Cup, Copa America, Eurocopa etc.

So, the international midfielder fits the bill and could paint another pick. The player, for example, can play Brazilian team, especially at the Olympic Games in France, where he was very young, only 21 years old. Additionally, the midfielder still has an Italian passport, and indeed, Italy is used a lot to naturalize players to play for the Azzurri, with Jorginho and Emerson Palmieri living proof.

Johnny’s Fate in 2023

The midfielder is seen as a key cash-in for the international in 2023 as he is young and attracting interest from European football teams. By the way, according to Gianluca Di Marzio, the Italian journalist who preceded Fabrizio Romano, said that the Roma player is one of those interested.