November 28, 2022
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Jose Alfredo suspects Merivale of Fabricio Melgaso

The next chapters of empire, the assumed identity of Fabricio Malagaso revealed to Jose Alfredo (Alexander Nero). Upon his arrest, the commander receives a vague note and is stunned.

The message says he has to call a certain number. Thus, he will find out who is his worst enemy, who is responsible for everything bad that happens in his life.


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Curious, the businessman takes advantage of the sunbathing to communicate with the person. Try twice until an unexpected person answers: Lawyer Merivale (Roberto Perello).

A man does not react when he sees that the leader is on the other end of the line and behaves normally. “How did you get my other number? It’s personal. I don’t pass it on to my clients…” justify.

Jose Alfredo explains that he does not trust. “They gave me that number here in prison…“, reveal. “I may have already had this many more cases… I’ll update when I go there…”Lawyer highlights.

The commander makes a scene and says he just called to know more about the operation. Confused, he hangs up the phone and wonders if Merival is really Fabricio Melgaço, his great rival.

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