August 19, 2022
Jose Leoncio Juma is imprisoned and fears Jaguar's transformation · TV news

Jose Leoncio Juma is imprisoned and fears Jaguar’s transformation · TV news

Jose Leoncio Marcos Palmera will have to put his doubts aside to believe in a strange truth about… wet land: Daughter-in-law Friday (Alanis Guillen), he really became a jaguar. He even questioned the legend, but would witness the girl’s transformation into an animal by trapping her in a room. The farmer will leave for a moment, and when he returns, he will find his walls littered with animal scratches at the 9 a.m. Opera Globo.

Before appealing to her version of “riva,” the young woman had tried to strike up a conversation—even if she wasn’t civilized. She will simply shout to the Four Winds that she is leaving that farm. The only person who wouldn’t be able to hear your screams would be hollow (Jesuta Barbosa) – The boy will be in Campo Grande, the capital of Mato Grosso do Sul, to develop negatives in his images.

Among the photos will be the photo that the boy took of old man from the river (Osmar Prado). At this point, it is I already told the father The despicable plan he devised to deceive the entity. He not only photographed the hiding elder, but also Hand any film to his hands. All this, the young man will say, only to convince the rich man that his grandfather is alive.

The point is that Juma will hear this hadith and get angry. As Jove takes the plane into town, the jaguar girl will create a real havoc on the farm. “on one I have more husband! on a flight More here! he cheated I! Khan he came from Rio! ‘, she will scream. And in indignation, she will throw her clothes in a bundle and prepare to leave that family for good.

But Jose Leoncio did not let his daughter-in-law stay away while carrying a baby in her womb. “You are You have the right Believes Which wantedMost I on one I can I leave youtree leaves From this house in these Circumstance…even if I have to cue In this room, but in this house you are in leaving while my son on TV in counting!’ shouts almighty from the biome.

The young woman would even issue her usual warning, but it would not have the expected effect on her father-in-law. “Hey Sir what or what on one Dare! Then I will become a Jaguar! He will cry. He will not respond to the warning. He will pay the farmer marianna (Selma Egrei) and Irma (Camila Morgado) exit the room and pass the key out.

Friday will freak out. You will walk around, scream, knock on the door and even go into some kind of coma. Farmers and women from Rio, who will try to control their mood in the room, They will be afraid of noise. Especially the rich man who will recognize the snarl of a jaguar among the sounds of the room.

He will run, with a spear in his hand, to “rescue” his daughter-in-law from the animal. But there would be no trace of the girl anywhere. When he approaches the window, Tado’s father (José Loreto) will see the marks carved into the wood by the claws of a tiger. “I I do not believe In this … ”, he will say, surprised at what he just saw, to himself.

Written by Benedito Ruy Barbosa, the telenovela Pantanal was introduced in 1990 by the extinct Manchete (1983-1999). Globo edition has been modified by Bruno Luperi, grandson of the author.

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