December 3, 2022
An old man from Rio (Osmar Prado) and Tado (Jose Loreto)

Jose Loreto talks about Tado’s meeting with Velho do Rio in the Pantanal. The actor’s daughter repeats lines from the series

José Loreto says Taddeo from Pantanal has entered the podium of the most important figures in his career. In the plot that ends this Friday, the seventh of this month, the pawn will still go through several emotions: after winning the silver saddle that belongs to his grandfather, he discovers that he is not the legitimate son of Ze Leoncio (Marcos Palmera), he has an emotional meeting with Velho do Rio (Osmar Prado), He is still married to Zefa (Paula Barbosa). In this interview, Loreto talks about the phrases he’s created over the past few months and tells us what was the most special scene he recorded.

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Filho from Rio (Osmar Prado) and Tado (Jose Loreto) Photo: Rede Globo / Disclosure

What is the equilibrium “Pantanal”?

“Pantanal” is a milestone in my career as well as in Brazilian television. I would say that she is among the top three characters of my life in my 18 years of acting. It’s the character I love to play. I wanted so much that I gave up on the other invitations I received, like making Sidney Magal for cinema. Being here exceeds my expectations. It was hard work, I think it was a great mess. We spent three months in the Pantanal, with the family staying, the atmosphere was intense. But it was magical, too. He arrived to score every day with a smile on his face.

Thaddeus (Jose Loreto)
Tado (Jose Loreto) Photo: Rede Globo / Disclosure

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In addition to the expressions “largamão” and “sei lá”, Tadeu often uses other expressions such as “bãobsurdo”. Are you the one who suggests some of these phrases? Do you use these expressions in your life as well?

It’s a complete trade off. People are playing and having fun. “Bãobsurdo”, for example, was a Guito that I used once and threw away, I took it for myself. Giuliano (Cazari) said a few days ago “Congratulations, too bad”, something I was playing around with backstage and ended up being used by everyone. Even Bruno Luberi’s kids, who have signed up with us, are talking (laughs). I started using all the expressions in my life too. no escape. I’ve played Tadeu for a long time and people on the street don’t want to talk to Zé Loreto, they want to talk to the character. On the street they approach me with “Largamão” and I already answer “I don’t know” (laughs). always like this. Even my daughter uses phrases.

Tadeo (Jose Loreto), Jose Loncio (Marcos Palmera), Jose Lucas de Nada (Erandir Santos) and Jovi (Jesuita Barbosa)
Tadeo (Jose Loreto), Jose Loncio (Marcos Palmera), Jose Lucas de Nada (Erandir Santos) and Jovi (Jesuita Barbosa) Photo: Estefam Avelar / Red Globo

What was it like recording scenes where Tadeo found out that he was not the legitimate son of Jose Leoncio?

For me, this is the most exciting Tadeu supplement. The series is spent questioning himself and when it comes to discovering the truth, there are many events: discovery, meeting with Velho do Rio … full board, whatever we want. Emotional recordings, in the Pantanal, in nature, with incredible people by their side: Osmar Prado, Marquinhos Palmyra, Dera Pais. These are some of the most amazing scenes. If I had to pick just one, the revelation would be that it’s not a biological child.

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