Josh McCawn from Texas mocked the process

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Josh McCown He is a great player and a great guy, one of the most underrated midfielders in the past generation. But McCown shouldn’t be considered a key coach in the NFL. Not yet.

Maybe in time he will become a head coach, maybe he will be a great coach. Maybe he will win the Super Bowls. Perhaps at the end there will be a bronze bust in the Hall of Fame that clearly looks like Dolph Lundgren.

This doesn’t mean that Texas or anyone else should meet someone with no coaching experience to be a head coach for the NFL. It reveals a surprising lack of self-awareness by Texas, a franchise that has come to be considered the most dysfunctional in football.

Or perhaps the Texans are fully aware, and they may have extended their middle finger to anyone who might say that Jack Easterby is ineligible to serve as executive vice president of soccer operations and / or that Easterby owner Cal McNair is somewhere between deception and hypnotic. It is fitting, frankly, that a team with an inappropriate CEO for soccer operations would consider a candidate completely unprepared for the coaching position.

Easter is so over his sled that he believes he has learned to fly. But the only opinion that matters is McNair, who appears to believe that Easterby is flying like an eagle.

In this particular case, the decision to consider McCawn as a head coach without coaching experience becomes an insult to all eligible candidates, regardless of race. And please, do not play the “He trained as a quarterback player” card. All midfielders deserve cleats to train. does this mean Philip RiversWho’s going to coach high school football, now that he’s retired, should The Chargers have interviewed him?

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Does this mean that anyone will immediately offer master training jobs Drew Press or Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers As their playing career ends?

In a course that saw five of the six main coaching jobs go to white candidates and no black coaches being hired, the final insult came from Texas, who gave interviews – and contemplated all appearances – making Josh McCawn the lead coach without ever being a college coach or NFL .

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