November 28, 2023
On Victory Day, Zelensky said in a video "It's dark in Ukraine"

Journalist cuts microphone on CNN as he comes out in defense of Jefferson

Journalist cuts microphone on CNN as he comes out in defense of Jefferson

Photo: Playback / YouTube

Journalist Marcio Gómez (photo) holds the microphone of fellow journalist Fernao Lara Mesquita, the former director of Estadao, cut offduring the CNN Prime Time, After defending Roberto Jefferson, he was arrested again this weekend, and criticized STF.

“Get a fine for every minute because he spoke of any data from the real Lula’s biography. You can only talk about the fake biography, the real biography can’t mention it. You have no one to turn to because whoever commands this is the minister, who declares that there are men and he is a friend and there Men, he is an enemy.The Minister of the Federal Supreme Court announces it every day. For friends, he pats the cheek, and asks enemies to pay. So that’s how it is.” He said.

then, yuri betaa journalist at CNN, began to speak, but paused to wait for Fernau to finish. “Just wait for Fernau to finish.”, He said. After being told that the guest had already finished his comment, Yuri said:

“I insist on the following question: Even in the case of the Supreme Court, there is indeed a way to appeal to the Supreme Court itself, and again, Roberto Jefferson was kept with these precautions after he had done so much and so much. It was not published.” This was stated by the CNN journalist, before it was done Fernando cut him off.

Annoyed, Marcio Gomez asked Fernau’s microphone to be cut off. “Vernau, sorry. Fernau, Fernau, Fernau, we’ll cut off the microphone then and let Yuri speak until he’s finished,” said the anchor.

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